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Discover a Peaceful Island in the Eyes of a Cat

Adventure games are a cool way to live a life that is not your own. It lets you live your dreams of either becoming a hero on a quest to vanquish the evil Lord or a soldier in a war. But how about a game that lets you explore an inhabited island as a cat? Sounds a weirdly exciting, right? Peace Island is an open-world adventure on a remote Maine island. It’s a mix of science fiction, mystery, and alternative history unfolding from the perspective of nine cats who woke up to find their human companions gone.

The Story

Peace Island is a story-driven, interactive game that focuses more on discovery rather than combat. It follows the story of Elizabeth, a cat who was moved to the Peace Island one day. Thinking of just going to the vet, Elizabeth slept through her journey and found herself in a completely different apartment with her human nowhere in sight.

As Elizabeth emerges into the world beyond the apartment, she learns about the island, the other cats, the other animals, and the destructive species that needs to be contained. Players will need to forget about chasing mice because Elizabeth and the cats in Peace Island will need to fight against alien invasion.

The Island

Peace Island is a fictional island located in Maine. It is a large game world that includes four, distinct communities, woodlands, scenic coastlines, and secluded farmlands. There is also a piece of history with crumbling World War II ruins and much more. Most of the island’s structure will be accessible to players, including homes, studios, offices, and even factories. There are even Victorian-era mansions and no less than three museums that the cats can go to.

Peace Island ‘s design is a homage to the island life in Maine which is clearly shown in the accurate depiction of the architecture and atmosphere of the game, from the overall look right down to the schoolhouse. The game will also feature realistic weather, day and night cycles as well as dynamic flora and fauna such as deer, flocks of birds, mice, and even insects. With its emphasis on aesthetics, Peace Island will show you a place you will want to visit time and again.

The Gameplay

As mentioned, rather than combat, Peace Island is more on discovery. The players will have the opportunity to experience multiple, divergent storylines as they approach the ultimate decision of whether humans are worth bringing back. The world is your oyster at the beginning of the game, allowing you to relax and enjoy exploring your new world. Of course, you need to have your stomach filled.

However, as you explore, you will find out that not all animals are welcoming. You would need to gain their confidence so they can ensure safe passage in their lands. More, some of these animals can unlock new side quests. And since this game deals with containing dangerous species, you need to band with other animals to get their help, most especially with the other eight cats that live on the island.

Throughout the game, players will take control of each of the nine cats, not only Elizabeth. Each has its unique personality, strengths, and weaknesses which will play out in their roles in the game.

The Verdict

Looking at it, Peace Island gives players a unique game experience. For one, it has cats as its main character. More, the story is more about exploring a vast location rather than boss fights. So, if you are looking for a game that is chill yet entertaining, this game is for you.


  • Unique Game Concept
  • Vast Game Map
  • Cool, Cartoon-ish Graphics


  • Not too Much Combat
  • The Game Can be a Bit Boring

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Peace Island for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V beta-demo
  • 3.8
  • (45)
  • Security Status

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